Our 7th site update of the year was deployed on Tuesday night. Here are the highlights;


  • Jive underlying platform upgrade. This contains a load of core bug fixes from Jive.
  • MicroPolls can be added to your content.. you can read more about this new feature.
  • Behind the scenes our content authors can use GitHub to upload images easily to the site




  • RoadTest Reviews were visible when saved as drafts
  • Enable tagging on RoadTest Reviews


+ 1 other improvement




  • YouTube metadata Unicode bug
  • "Choose from your videos" broke sporadically
  • Video length was incorrect in 'Choose from your videos' dialog




  • Convert the end of Quiz links into buttons
  • Improvements for Product Link search dialog
  • Menu Change: TI Launchpads and BoosterPacks
  • Menu Change: Fix capitalization of translated menu items
  • Translate Event messaging


+1 other fix


Misc Fixes and Improvements


  • Alter Announcements so they're not sent to Inboxes by default
  • Intermittent error for Image Gallery


+ 1 other fix


5 SEO improvements