This week we deployed our first regular update to the site since the platform upgrade last month. It contained a lot of fixes (including the issues with the Inbox which a number of members contacted us about).


There will be another site update later on in November.




Notable fixes..


  • Inbox fix for duplication of Comments when you click 'Show Earlier'
  • Inbox fix for comments appearing out of order and with wrong date and time
  • We had members reporting that some images looked blurry on resized previews.. now fixed
  • Error was appearing for new users when clicking Create->Your Blog
  • Broken/partially displayed resized images should be fixed later today (there was a cache issue with JPG files)


Notable improvements..


  • Instagram videos can now be embedded into your content (via the Insert Video feature)
  • Main (spotlight) search should display faster.. there was previously a dependency on the product results coming back before everything was displayed; we've changed this behaviour
  • New anti-spam rules to deal with persistent spammer
  • Remove "Reply Marked as Helpful" from all Email Notifications (we know a lot of members have requested this!)




  • Widget export/import problems
  • Login restricted content close icon was reloading the the page in a loop
  • Fix content Search & Replace where titles include â„¢ (etc)
  • Need to update the Privacy policy link on the Eagle download forms
  • Main Nav: Clicking on "Store" causes the page to refresh
  • @ symbol in title of a video breaks the link to the video/content
  • Approved RoadTester App cannot see Review option in CREATE menu
  • e14 logo links to 404 on Design Center form pages
  • Clicking on certain product buttons results in a JavaScript error
  • Can't insert video into RoadTest review
  • Chinese lang text is not translating accordingly when languages are selected in drop-down menu for Korean & Thai options
  • Search icon in Search Widgets showing duff character + sometimes wrapped onto next line


+3 other fixes.




  • When you're Guest and try to vote in a poll, it'll now prompt you to log in (better than doing nothing)
  • RoadTest page right rails needs UI improvement
  • Make the create review permission code more efficient


+2 anti-spam improvements

+3 other improvements

+4 other back-end changes