This week we deployed our last site update of 2017.. this year has flown by!


Here are the highlights from the release


  • We've added a new consumer (i.e. non-business) purchase option for UK-based members. carry products aimed at a Maker audience. You'll see it appear as an option for a certain set of products.
  • The gamification/points issue is now fully resolved (you'll see points back on the profile pages and activity stream)
  • Newly uploaded videos have a proper title, not 'Temporary Title'
  • No more duplicate email notifications when Events are updated
  • Uploading Files was failing on the first attempt
  • We've added the capability to run A/B tests on the site using Google Optimize.
  • Lists of blog posts now show an excerpt and a Read More button to the full post


Design Center


  • Some images failed to display in Firefox
  • + 3 other changes


Other improvements and fixes


  • Reviews for RT's created in privates places are not staying in the private place
  • Formatting issue on UPCOMING EVENTS & WEBINARS widget
  • Brightcove Video Share Link Points to Content you are on
  • Blog posting issue under certain circumstances
  • Chinese flag was wrong
  • RoadTest review widget on the Design Center product was was showing Newark logo
  • Encode name and description when sending video to Brightcove
  • Fix formatting on Browse All Tags results page
  • Change "Now Enrolling" Widget to also be used in Wide Column


  • + 1 security fix
  • + 4 other fixes
  • + 1 SEO change
  • + 5 anti-spam improvements