The Christmas elves have been busy having a look at the settings we use for user-uploaded videos.


Low Bitrate Videos


We had an issue with low bitrate high resolution videos (typically exported Webex presentations with text on slides) being blurry and unreadable. We worked with the engineers at Brightcove (who's video platform we utilise behind the scenes) and we've deployed a fix for that today, so all new videos won't suffer from that problem.


If you spot any older videos that are suffering from the problem, let me know in the comments and I'll kick off a re-transcode which will sort it out.


Quality Selector


This is something our members have been asking for forever! Brightcove let me know the option was recently added to the new version of the player.. which I've switched on for Community today! You'll find a cog at the bottom right (just like YouTube) that lets you adjust the resolution;