(I've been so busy lately I'd forgotten to post these updates.. )


Our next site update is due in early July and will fix a number of issues we've found after the platform upgrade we performed in May. Many of the issues were due to changes by the vendor; our team has fixed a lot of them, but we're still waiting on them for other bug fixes, such as code getting stripped out of the editor, and the annoying jump to the top of the page which has returned. We do our best to test each site update before it goes live, but inevitably some things slip through, so please bear with us as we get them prioritised and either fixed by our team, or by the vendor.




Platform point release upgrade (including core GDPR changes)

Changes by our team to better support GDPR

Some images change colour change on resize (long-standing bug which is thankfully resolved)

Change video upload code to make sure screencasts/webinars show in HD resolution




Putting a Dollar Sign in a Doc or Blog Title breaks it (non-workaround fix)

Fix formatting on product info popup

RoadTest: Review text fields get set with "null"

RoadTest: Error when trying to delete roadtest review

Video descriptions do not translate links and emojis.

Fix the button macro in Formatted Text Widgets




Switch to secure cookies

Social Media Sharing/Following now go to the relevant regional account

EAGLE: Change all content with 'cadsoft' in the URLs to just EAGLE

EAGLE: Change newsgroup importer from Cadsoft Guest to Autodesk Guest

RoadTest: 'Enroll Now' widget formatting

RoadTest: Adjust the unenroll button to match the font of enroll button

RoadTest: Mobile view of Design Challenges and Roadtests

RoadTest: Contestants widget - layout adjustments

Adjust the Design Challenge upload image formating

Add Twitter & Instagram Profile URLs/handle on Profile

Videos rendered badly in emails

Improve mobile layout for the profile tabs




21 other fixes and improvements