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In this month's update, as well as adding a number of improvements, we've squashed a number of bugs that were introduced in the May 2018 platform upgrade.   Highlights   Problem displaying formatted code in IE11. As reported here. New accordion widget for use by site admins. This won't be used straight away, but will be in a few months   Redesigned RoadTest Review widget.. will be used on the site soon.     Fixes   UI - Items in search results disappear whe ...

'Helpful's go missing

Posted by shabaz Top Member Jul 4, 2018
Hi!   I think this may already have been reported a while back, but just in case it hasn't, there seems to be an issue with 'Helpful' going missing . Basically, sometimes when in the Activity view, if I click on 'Yes' for Helpful, it doesn't turn green. My workaround was to click on the discussion or blog post (so that I was no longer in the Activity view), and then scroll down to the comments and reattempt. However, this doesn't seem to be working when I tried it at this page: 3GHz Spec ...

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