In this month's update, as well as adding a number of improvements, we've squashed a number of bugs that were introduced in the May 2018 platform upgrade.




  • Problem displaying formatted code in IE11. As reported here.
  • New accordion widget for use by site admins. This won't be used straight away, but will be in a few months


  • Redesigned RoadTest Review widget.. will be used on the site soon.





  • UI - Items in search results disappear when you click on them
  • UI - Video in right aligned table doesn't display
  • UI - Ask Avnet button sits on top of the cookie pop-up "ok" button on mobile
  • UI - p q g j y all do not quite render correctly in the activity tab
  • UI - Improve UI of Design Center results in Featured Search
  • UI - "Ask A Question" widget, the "Ask It" button font is wrong
  • "Browse all places" Link in Profiles Not Working
  • Recent content widget more button brings in unrelated content
  • HTML widgets showing 'There was an error trying to load the HTML preview'
  • Fix link on video record to content the video is hosted on
  • Fix recording of quiz attempts
  • RoadTest Score occasionally fails
  • Mobile - Inbox icon not working
  • Mobile - Footer item alignment
  • Mobile - Featured Search Banners sometimes don't link when clicked
  • Mime Types forcing issues in Chrome failing API requests
  • Ideograph characters were appearing in the SuperWidget export (Chrome 'feature')


+ 1 other fix




  • UI - Hide Tags from Watch a Tag Widgets (looks cleaner)
  • Mobile - Improve RoadTest Application formatting
  • Add "Design for a Cause" to the Build menu


+ 10 other changes