Looks like I forgot to post release notes for a couple of our site updates, so here's the first which went live in August.




  • Chrome bug; Pasting or typing certain characters into the RTE makes it jump to the top of the page. We were so glad to get a bug-fix for this really annoying issue!!
  • Improve password strength acceptance message.. you now get a big green tick when password strength meets the criteria





  • Fix/add mobile inbox icon for when count is 0
  • Fix sharing options for RT+DCh applications
  • Content icons have a funny border on the browse pages
  • Editing a comment and adding an image causes a failure
  • Design Center: JavaScript error when hovering on image carousel
  • RoadTest apps will not allow attachment maintenance when being edited
  • Re-apply change from 'Plc' to 'Ltd' for Premier Farnell in site footer
  • CSS style 'refused to apply' message in console for RoadTest
  • Fix breadcrumb trail for some Design Center docs




  • Performance: Remove unused/old custom i18ns
  • Performance: Add rel="noopener" to external links
  • Add 'element14 Presents' to site navigation


+ 10 other changes.