Last night our team deployed the latest updates to element14 Community.




  • New theme! The update included a revamped theme to give us a fresh new look. Just be aware that we're ironing out a few UI bugs, and each landing page will get updated over the next few weeks to use a new style of banner & tighten up the design a bit more to fit the rest of the theme.


  • Store website registration integration. We have added an option to our store websites that will allow customers registering on those sites to also register for element14 Community. It'll appear as an easy-to-select option on their registration page. This feature will be switched on in the coming days for a couple of countries.




  • Events integration with ON24. We've run a number of webinars using a new service provider called ON24.. this is now integrated into our Event pages so clicking the attend button will sign you up without you needing to go to another website.




  • Extend eBook registration to allow us to put thumbnail in form. This is a nice & simple UI tweak.




  • Copying & pasting an image from 3rd party site results in linked image. This was reported by members a while ago, and was somewhat tricky to fix. One of our awesome developers took a trip down the rabbit hole & found out how complex the clipboard really is . He made it back out, with most of his sanity intact & figured out a fix.




  • Switch product images to https for product detail panels
  • Remove 'Code Exchange', add 'FPGA' to site navigation
  • Add 'Arduino Tutorials' to Learn menu
  • Add rel="noopener" to store and other menu items (helps with performance)
  • Add more countries to member profile options (Japan, Indonesia)
  • Require User to Register for Community to be able to 'Mark Quiz' for Essentials




  • Unable to determine which item I'm on in the moderation queue
  • Spammers showing in 'filter blog by author'
  • "Write a Review" shouldn't be next to the RoadTest Review star ratings
  • Conditional Content didn't work with embedded videos
  • Mobile: Announcements Overlaying over content


+ 7 other changes