Looks like I forgot to post release notes for a couple of our site updates, so here's the one that went live in September.




  • We added a new Tabbed widget, which our content team will start using with the new theme, which is due for deployment in October. This will be a gradual change, rather than a big bang.. we'll use it where it makes sense to use it.


  • Improve the RoadTest application form. This allows the author of a RoadTest to create a template for the applicants to fill in. The idea is that this should save everyone a bunch of time, and help us steer applications to include the type of information that we'd like to see.


Fixes / Improvements


  • Tone down anti-spam in certain situations
  • Mobile: Add link for user to edit their profile
  • Make corrections to the UI regarding attachments
  • Helpful comments broken for RoadTest reviews
  • Insert Video icon sometimes missing
  • Remove "Electronics Legislation" from Learn menu
  • Fix hard-coded references to http in a few places
  • RoadTest Previews showing very large images
  • Complete list of groups doesn't show when trying to create content
  • Video objects from deleted blogs show as HTML header
  • "Build" in main nav in French wasn't translated.


+ 4 other changes