I need HELP!!!!
( ouch. )

I really have  problems to update  my' blog'  - for, while editing the Update ( wrote the text offline to prevent hazzel online ) the  screen freezes, i do loose connection,  not responding, my edited text ( after copy  and pase!! ) was  deleted, not stored, it was not scrollable  to save the  newdone  work...

every time when I worked to update, to document the next steps  - I had problems, and it drove me crazy.. now I am working  around since 2  hours to upddate - but for now I skipped my intent..

I think - how the blog is structured??? - it remembers me to an EMAIL wich just become longer and longer  - so no one will read an already written text again and again - how to structurize the different aspects of my Girasol project ???

how to make it easier to post a part of that thematically relevant themes - like  electronics, like  mechanics, optical, programming ??

That GiraSol just not only consists  of optical switches  and  a program - its has his  different shades of colour, and how to present them ???

last update I made was  extremly  frustratiing - a month  ago  and I did  not liked the outview - to update, newly,  under these  conditions...

what am I do wrong ??

what I can do better ???

how to organize these  updates - for better readability ??

I am confused  and frustrated ....


Oliver Schalles , Project Girasol