This week we deployed our first update of the year! Woo hoo!




  • There's a new 'hero' widget on the site homepage and other areas. It's a more modern sliding panel which shows highlights from area of the site. Works on mobile nicely too! Here's an example screenshot;



  • Improvements to Product Link dialog & popup panel. This is something shabaz fed back to us a couple of months ago. We've made multiple improvements;


    • Better quality results
    • Includes min order qty
    • Fits more on screen
    • Results formatted nicely
    • More likely to automatically find  Newark/Farnell-equivalent SKU.



  • We've also made changes to what happens when the product isn't available...


    • We now show all product links / Buy Buttons in content (and widgets), even if the product isn’t available for the user's country
    • The ‘not found’ message now has options to search for the product on our stores
    • The idea is that you always gets an option to research the product & don’t hit a dead-end



  • We now send an email reminder to users who have asked to sign up to Community when they're registering with one of our store websites.


  • Extended the clickable area of our buttons.. one of those silly usability things we realised needed fixing.







  • Can't remove 3rd (or 4th, etc.) attachment from content
  • Theme: Ask a Question on a Design Challenge is misaligned and going off the page
  • Theme: RoadTest comment chevron menu doubles up
  • YouTube widget fails to render and page isn't editable


+ 4 other fixes




  • Show 'Not Available' Message when product unavailable in region (Design Center)
  • Change up the message when it times out while embedding videos
  • Display confirmation dialog for changes to Events made from the Calendar view
  • Updates to the "About Us" page


+ 3 SEO changes

+ 4 other changes