Yes yes, I know it's not November.. I forgot to do the site update blog post after our November site update Stay tuned for the January 2019 blog post which is coming soon.




  • You can now embed podcasts from Podbean into your content via the 'Insert' menu in the editor...





  • The process which converts manufacturer part numbers into Product Links was removing punctuation from content
  • Mobile - The edit arrow didn't work for editing Roadtest Reviews
  • Mobile - 'Like' button didn't appear
  • Mobile - Improved sharing to Facebook
  • Code syntax renders in huge div on IE
  • Fix sharing options for content
  • Tabbed Widget: SuperWidgets containing images fail to save
  • Tabbed Widget: Design Challenge products widget doesn't render in tabs beyond tab 1
  • Tabbed Widget: Mobile - can't view a tabbed widget when it's a Design Challenge product widget
  • New theme: Design Challenge Product widget shows empty box when no results come back
  • New theme: Top Participants widget - badges were overlapping names
  • New theme: "Widgets" in right column of content need to match up with new widget styling.
  • New theme: 'Empty' SuperWidgets still have margin/padding
  • New theme: Adjust visual look of accordion widget to newer widget headings
  • Product search widget doesn't appear to be working
  • Having product links in content with 'null' as the Farnell SKUs will cause the Action links to not work
  • SmartPanel location "In Content - Below Tags & Categories" no longer working
  • Single-Board Computers (SBC) carousel opens external links in same tab




9 improvements