Ooops, whilst preparing the March site update (due on 26th March) blog post, I realised I'd not published one for our February update. So here it is!




  • Important fix: Images sometimes do not render for anyone but the author. We've still got to fix historical data in a future site update, but this at least fixes it for any new content created.
  • Improvements to 'Product not found' on Design Center product pages.. it'll now give you options to search for the part on stores in other countries, just like it does for product links elsewhere on the site.
  • We added a new video browser with search functionality for the element14 Presents Projects page.




  • Staff in one of our admin groups could (incorrectly) have their content reported
  • Can't scroll through list of spaces/people to 'share' with
  • Mobile: When selecting a Location for content, its cut off
  • Improve triptych/hero widget .. with buttons you can actually see on light backgrounds
  • Mobile - link to Share, Follow, Bookmark etc, isn't opening on RoadTests
  • Clicking a video thumbnail doesn't open the video
  • Field label improvement on RoadTest Review form
  • Can't moderate items from RoadTest area
  • Uploaded videos sometimes showing 'Temporary title‘
  • Anchor links in a Table of Contents in the Inbox view didn't work


+2 other fixes.




  • Allow CPC products to work through our product link referral handler
  • Product result sometimes returns a list of categories, not the expected product
  • Change email address in T&Cs page to new DPO email address
  • Add Google Optimize anti-flicker option (can now turn on A/B tests without it looking like the page load is slower.. even though it wasn't)


+2 other improvements