• Loads of improvements to support Dreamboard v2, which is coming soon!


  • Easily paste a Parts List / Bill of Materials (BOM) into content.


Adding product links where other Community members can easily buy the parts used in a project can be quite time-consuming. We've added a new 'Paste BOM' (upload Bill of Materials) feature to the Product Link dialog. Here are a few screenshots of it in action;



     Just fill in the Excel template we've provided, copy the sheet to the clipboard,




     and paste it in... where it'll give you a quick preview of the data...



     ...then you can insert it into your content...




  • Community members do an awesome job at spotting spam content (huge thanks for doing this!!). We'd like the platform to automatically remove more than it does now & looked into a few options. Today we've activated an improvement which we're hoping will help a lot.. can't really say more than that


Improvements / Fixes


  • Tweak to the video widget in element14 Presents Projects to get it to sort by recent content
  • Image gallery CSS timeout (hopefully fix an error we sometimes saw)
  • Switch to new Community Avnet logo
  • Create your first content message when no content shown My Content
  • Add 'Zedboard Community' link to 'Find Products' menu
  • Add 'Zedboard Forums' link to 'Discuss' menu
  • Disable Hangouts functionality for Events (no longer used)
  • Lock the Subject field for DMs sent for GDPR
  • Update privacy policy
  • Make the initial get in Recent Content Widget configurable (should help with performance of Overview pages which use it)
  • Fix menu links in Design Center to point at correct URL


+ 2 other improvements


Behind the Scenes


You might be interested that we're experimenting with Microsoft Azure for certain aspects of our development cycle, and to help build out features more easily/faster. One simple thing we've done behind the scenes is to link our environment stop / start scripts to a Logic App which will send automated messages into Microsoft Teams to inform team members that the servers are restarting. Although this is simple integration, it's very handy for our wider teams to know what's happening, without us having to remember to send a notification manually.