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  • Support added for Twitter Cards - this should give Twitter a better indication of what to put into a Tweet when you share content from the Community.




  • Dreamboard: Add hover text to selectable parts in the rollout of their description
  • Dreamboard: Auto adjust height of background colour to accommodate more parts list types
  • Dreamboard: Remove background rectangle from header area
  • Dreamboard: Record new 'size' types in reporting
  • Update email templates
  • Update i18n files with translations
  • Update Chinese logo to new Avnet one

+ 2 other tickets




  • Delete button not working in document attachments
  • embed.ly (the service we use to help embed videos) returned an error when getting a thumbnail.. updated our code to cope with this eventuality
  • Dreamboard: Text saved for description does not currently word-wrap on image
  • Dreamboard: Save 'Board Types' customisation in import


Behind the Scenes


  • Removal men behind the curtain. There's a non-essential table that has grown over our 10 year history to a massive 250Gb, which is a lot of data to keep in high-performance/high-availability storage. We're going to back it up and trim it to the last 12 months of data. We've done a lot of testing to make sure this won't impact anything you see on the site. This will happen next week (21st May).

+ 2 other tickets