Last night we deployed our 7th site update of 2019.. just a couple to go before Christmas Noooooo.




Lazy Loading Images - Part 2


In our August site update, the feature that was supposed to lazy-load images had a few issues (comments, image gallery and PDFs were affected), so we turned it off within content, but kept it on for our landing pages (groups and communities). The code was re-written and we're re-enabling lazy loading of images within content. We don't foresee any problems with it this time, but if you do spot issues, let us know in the comments and we'll get right on it.


Action Widget Scrolling


That's also a feature from our August release which has been tweaked so that it doesn't get in the way & behaves a better in certain situations.


Webinar Recording button


We've always had webinar recordings on the site, but they've not been consistently linked to on the event page. You'll now see a 'View Event Recording' button for any events where we have a Webex recording, and all events that were hosted through On24. We've gone back over 300(!!) past webinars to link up the proper recording, so go and find your favourite & give it a try!


Content Promotion Panels on Mobile


We have a feature which allows our content team to highlight content on the site you might be interested in.. we call them SmartPanels But on mobile devices, they weren't so smart and ended up hidden away with the social sharing options. They'll now appear above the comments in content, e.g.



Button Design


This one isn't a biggie, but one you'll notice this small change as you navigate around the site. The button style we use has been changed to remove the border.. it looks more modern IMO




Other Fixes and Improvements


  • Prevent SmartPanels from appearing on user profiles pages (where they'd mess things up)
  • Avnet product numbers containing a slash result in 404 when using the Buy Now buttons
  • Videos with (R) character in the title never finish encoding
  • URLs containing foreign characters fail in automated SEO indexing process
  • 2 SEO changes
  • 3 other changes