In our penultimate site update of the year, we've got some new functionality we're hoping you'll find useful.


First up are upcoming webinar reminders. These are configured to show up when there's a webinar starting in the next 24 hours.. they're easy to dismiss or to minimise until you want to take a look, and if you don't like them at all, you can disable them. We're hoping you'll find them a useful reminder so that you don't miss out on the awesome (and free!) webinars we run.



Minimised version;



Then, when a webinar has already started, we've improved the event page to show a 'Join Now' button;



That's not all.. we've created some nice-looking widgets to display lists of events. The widget design was based off the element14 Presents video browser, and looks very similar. It has a number of display options, for example;





The lazy-loading of images is something we've improved on over the past 2 site updates.. and today we've deployed further changes to delay loading even more images so that they only display when your device scrolls them into view. We have also told the code to lazy-load t should help where there are a lot of embedded videos inside content. Lazy-loading dramatically improves performance on slow connections. Just as you've done before, please let us know if you spot any problems with this; we're hoping we've tested all scenarios, but you never know


Our anti-spam code has been improved to help prevent abuse of the @mention feature.. there will be a further update to this in our next release. We've also adjusted the code so that certain groups of users (including Top Members) don't get caught up by one of our automated processes.




  • Create personal blog was broken in the Create menu
  • Unable to delete an Attachment in editor
  • Embedding a Tweet didn't show properly in Replies on RoadTest pages
  • When images are pasted, max-width and max-height are set which don't scale.. that's now fixed
  • Image lazy-loader wasn't working properly on Discussion replies
  • Image Gallery wasn't load when it's inside comments.. that's fixed, and can support multiple galleries
  • Reply buttons for DMs were grey, looked broken.. that button style (and others) have been fixed
  • Countdown clock was wrong for Applications when outside of UTC timezone
  • RoadTest Review with a Table of Contents in first 800 characters broke the Review snippet




  • Allow higher resolution thumbnails for Video records
  • Added a way for our Content Teams to switch tabs via links inside the Tabbed Widget
  • New Raspberry Pi Customisation Form
  • 2 x SEO improvements
  • 1 x other improvement


Behind the scenes

  • 8 x improvements