In our first site update of the year, we introduce to you, a new version of Design Center!


If you didn't already know, Design Center is an area of our site where you can explore our huge selection of hardware development tools and software products, all supported with the technical resources you will need.


You'll find it in the main site navigation when you click on 'Find Products' or 'Find Products > Product Search'.


The code has been completely re-written from scratch using modern frameworks, with a brand new database schema, etc.. basically nothing remains of the old Design Center under the covers.


We've revamped the look-and-feel of the main Design Center search & filters page, which is now super-fast, has a responsive design (works well on mobile devices as well as different desktop screen sizes).



When you click through to the product pages, you'll find them sporting a much more modern/clean look, with all the information you need, including all the downloads, high-up on the page.



We hope you like the changes and find Design Center useful for both researching products, and supporting you using ones you own. There are a few minor bugs we're aware of, which we'll be fixing in our early-March site update.


There are also a few minor fixes to the site, but nothing interesting enough to detail in this blog post