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Feedback and Support

2 Posts authored by: Dudley Nelson element14 Team
We've had a response from our search team about some of the complaints we've had about searching on the transactional site.     We’ve been receiving some excellent feedback from you all on our new parametric search page. It’s a big step forward for us, making an effort to follow industry best practices. We totally appreciate that with any leap forward, we also need to remain agile as we test out these kinds of modifications. And your feedback is helping us to quickly hone i ...
Dudley Nelson

@mention changes

Posted by Dudley Nelson element14 Team Feb 13, 2014
We've made some changes to @mention as part of the recent release. @mentioning is a useful mechanism for drawing a post to another user's attention. It is very useful, but several people highlighted limitations with it that we wanted to address.   The most immediately apparent change is that @mention now brings back more results, with a scroll bar to go through those results. It used to bring back a maximum of 7 entries, now it can bring back up to 20 results, with a scroll bar to show the ...

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