• Pi3 shows yellow lightning bolt with official power supply

    I got a Raspberry Pi 3 from TinyDeals to review on my Youtube channel. However, when I run Raspbarian (I tried two different SD cards) or RetroPie I get a yellow lightning bolt in the top right corner. I understand th...
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  • Pi Chef Challenge - Blog post #5 - MQ Sensor Selection

    The goal - A way, super-awesome, extra special, super-duper range hood like the world has never seen before! Blog post #1 has links to all sections of the build: Smart Range Hood - Pi Chef Challenge Blog post #1 ...
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  • how to choose the overvoltage/current/reverse protection that I need

    hello,   let's start saying i am not an engineer, i hope that this will save me if i say something too dumb so, this is a general discussion about possible approaches in circuit protection (from the hobbist poi...
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  • FPGAs and Xilinx

      Taking that FPGA intro that was under the learning essentials has really got me curious now. During my introduction to this 8-bit re-innovation and revolution make new ways to work with 8-bit machines, so far ...
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  • What is your age? - What is E14 communities average age?

    Since age has been brought up, lets see what the age of our members are. This should give a good idea on the majority age group. The result may be surprising.
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  • Identifying Your Model of Raspberry Pi

    Also read a more current version of this information that includes all models through Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - How To Identify Which Model Of The Raspberry Pi You Have.   "Thanks for the below archive article to...
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  • Celebrate the Year of the Dog with element14!

    Xīnchūn kuàilè!   Another year, another turn of the Lunar Calendar. As we've done in years past, we'd like to spend some time, celebrating the Chinese New Year (and of course, have a limited time ...
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  • (Semi)Automated Plant Irrigation System

    Semi-automated Plant Irrigation SystemSummary This is an automated system for watering my olive tree.   The main components are: A soil moisture sensor A 10 gallon bucket of water with a water level sensor An...
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  • PiCA - Pi Chef Challenge Blog #3 : Installation OS/Software to Raspberry Pi

    After unpackaging of Challenger Kit and designing the initial database for data communication, the present blog post will show my recent step in this project. Thus, in this short post, I will install some softwares...
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  • Programmable Electronic Load - Calibration Steps

    WIP: current status - calibration for temperature protection, current and voltage This blog documents explains how to calibrate the electronic load that peteroakes, jc2048 and jancumps are designing. Some functio...
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  • Project14 | Project Competition: Timetable and Projected Timeline!

    Project14 Homepage Monthly Design Competitions, Earn a Reward, Decide Project Themes, Your Ideas, Your Projects, Turn Ideas into Projects. Back to The Project14 homepage About Project14 Monthly Themes Monthly Theme...
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  • Project14 | Current, Upcoming, and Previous Contests!

    Electronics & Design Projects Enter Your Electronics & Design Project to earn a $100 Shopping Cart to any element14 transactional site! About Project14 Project14 Home Monthly Themes Monthly Theme Poll &#...
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  • reading AC voltage from an arduino

    Hi All,   I am trying to read a few millivolts through the ADC of an Arduino. This is an ac voltage with variable voltage and frequency. There are precision rectifiers like the LT1078 that can rectify the signal...
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  • Intimacy with electronics

    Is there a good way to get intimate with electronics per se? An example; With a car, if the radiator goes out I know how to fix it no issue same with electronics anyone could do it but the issue I have and many peop...
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  • Are pull-up resistors needed for a USB joystick controller?

    I recently purchased a USB encoder for arcade joysticks (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UUROWWK) to use with my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.   The encoder is correctly recognized as a joystick in Raspbian, and ...
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  • Matrix Creator for the Raspberry Pi

        Tab Label Tab Content About MATRIX Creator is a fully-featured development board and daughter board for the Raspberry Pi that includes sensors, wireless communications, and an FPGA. Used by makers, tin...
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  • UNO cable

    Hello,   I have a UNO R3 and I would like to connect it to a drone with a HDMI port. The only UNO cables I found online are for USB ports. Is there a way to work around this.   NR
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  • The Arduino Starter Kit Upgraded Case

    So  I needed a new case/organizer for my Arduino Starter Kit that I got from participating in Simple Electronic Repairs  What better way then to enter another Project14 using what I got previously.  See...
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  • Project14 | Poll to Decide the April 18' Competition

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  • sudo Sergeant 04: Ditch the Arduino IDE for the Linux Terminal

    element14's The Ben Heck Show Join the Ben Heck team every week for amazing hacks! Watch them build and mod community-inspired projects using electronics! Back to The Ben Heck Show homepage sudo Sergeant Featured B...
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