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    The European Parliament adopted the European Commission’s (EC) proposal to widen the scope of the Eco-design Directive 2005/32/EC to include energy related products. Until recently the directive was referred to as the Energy using Products Directive (EuP) that was limited to products that consume energy during use such as boilers, computers, televisions, industrial fans and light bulbs. The scope monitored energy efficiency of a product from the mining of the raw material right through to recycling at end-of-life.

    However, many products have an indirect impact on the energy in use such as water using devices, taps and showerheads for example, and double glazing windows or insulating material.

    Improvement in design could clearly result in the significant saving of energy.

    For example, water saving taps and shower heads reduce water consumption and therefore the amount of energy used for hot water.

    Under the EuP Directive studies had to set requirements for individual products where, in fact, it is the performance of the whole system that often needs to be optimised not just a single component or products.

    The new Energy related Products (ErP) directive repeals 2005/32/EC and now covers four phases of product studies.

    See the new updated document attached.




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