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    microchip_114x26.gifMicrochip has launched the PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT.PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT. microcontroller (MCU) family, which is the lowest power (100 nA standby current) large-memory (up to 256 KB Flash and 16 KB RAM) 16-bit USB microcontroller family in the world.

    Microchip Launches 16 bit PIC® MCUs with USB On-The-Go


    USB embedded host functionality and capacitive-touch interfaces have become critical elements for a large number of embedded designs, driven by the demand for increased user friendliness, upgradeability and expandability.


    Now, applications that previously required a high-end chip can utilize the cost-effective, low-power 16-bit PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT.PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT. family to easily incorporate both advanced USB OTG and capacitive-touch functionality. The PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT.PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT. has ample code space for these advanced applications + provides up to four UARTs, three SPI ports and three I2C™ ports to expand control capabilities and eliminate the space and cost of support chips.


    An integrated Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) peripheral—along with the royalty-free mTouch™ Sensing Solution software development kit enables designers to add a capacitive-touch user interface without any external components. In addition, by using Microchip’s free Graphics Software Library, engineers have access to a complete, USB-enabled and cost-effective user interface solution.

    Users have a choice of development routes, owners of the Microchip Explorer 16 development board can purchase the USB OTG PIC24F plug in module ( MA240014 ) and USB PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board ( AC164131 ) . New users can purchase the MPLAB® Starter Kit for PIC24F ( DM240011 ) .


    The MPLAB® Starter Kit for PIC24F comes complete with everything that developers need to get started, including the USB-powered MCU board, the MPLAB® IDE and MPLAB® C30 C complier, documentation, sample projects with tutorials, schematics, and 16-bit compatible peripheral libraries. Microchip also provides free source code for USB software stacks and class drivers to enable designers to get a head start on the development of their USB applications. Microchip’s free USB Host Stack, Device Stack, USB OTG Stack, Class Drivers (HID, MSD, CDC, Custom), and File Management software are available now at


    Features & benefits:

    • The 12-member PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT.PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT. family is offered in 64-, 80-, or 100-pin TQFP package options
    • USB Implementers Forum certified for Peripheral and Embedded Host functionality
    • Low power – standby current of 100nA.
    • Peripheral Pin Select flexible pin mapping
    • CTMU peripheral for capacitive touch.
    • Expanded peripherals – 4 Uarts , 3 SPI , 3 I2C ports
    • 23 Independent timers


    Application information

    Applications such as reading and writing to Flash drives, interfacing to wireless networks, and system updates are all enabled through this complete, cost-effective USB microcontroller family. Other example applications include: Industrial (manufacturing tools, data loggers, scanners, smart displays, POS terminals, robot-controller interfaces, industrial timers, gas-flow analyzers, cable-test fixtures); Medical (portable patient-monitoring equipment, analysis equipment, research-equipment automation, glucose meters); Automotive (bus diagnostic tools, vehicle trace recorders [black boxes], ultrasonic sensors, audio and entertainment equipment); Battery-Powered (sensors, portable meters and measurement equipment, security applications, remote controls, home automation); Consumer (business-card scanners, printers, white-board digitizers, voice recorders, uninterruptible power-supply systems, MP3 players, fire alarms, exercise equipment, home security systems, universal remote controls).


    Product information table:

    Mftrs. Part No.Product Description
    PIC24FJ256GB106-I/PTPIC24FJ256GB106-I/PT64 Pin USB OTG MCU
    PIC24FJ256GB108-I/PTPIC24FJ256GB108-I/PT80 Pin USB OTG MCU
    PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PFPIC24FJ256GB110-I/PF100 Pin USB OTG MCU
    PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PTPIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT100 Pin USB OTG MCU
    DM240011DM240011MPLAB® Starter kit for Pic 24F
    MA240014MA240014PIC24F USB Plug in Module
    AC164131AC164131USB PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board