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    microchip_114x26.gifMicrochip Technology Extends PIC® Microcontroller Line to 32-Bits

    Microchip has announced the PIC32 family of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), adding more performance and memory while maintaining pin, peripheral and development compatibility with Microchip’s 16-bit MCU/DSC families. The new PIC32 family is fully supported by Microchip’s free MPLAB® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which now offers unprecedented compatibility by supporting Microchip’s complete portfolio of 8, 16 and 32-bit devices.



    The PIC32 family is based on the industry standard MIPS32® architecture, with its leading combination of high performance, low power consumption, fast interrupt response and extensive industry tool support.


    The PIC32’s high performance MIPS32 M4K® core can achieve best in class 1.5 DMIPS/MHz operation, due to its efficient instruction set architecture, 5 stage pipeline, hardware multiply/accumulate unit and up to 8 sets of 32 core registers. In addition, to reduce memory requirements, the PIC32 supports the MIPS16e™ 16 bit ISA enabling code size reductions of up to 40%.


    The PIC32 operates at up to 72 MHz and offers ample code and data space with up to 512 KB Flash and 32 KB RAM. The PIC32 family also includes a rich set of integrated peripherals including a variety of communication peripherals and a 16-bit Parallel Master Port supporting additional memory and displays.


    All PIC32 products are supported by Microchip’s world class development tools, including the MPLAB IDE, the new MPLAB C32 C compiler, the MPLAB REAL ICE™ emulation system, the MPLAB ICD 2 in-circuit debugger and the Explorer 16 development board.


    For users who wish to commence development immediately there are two low cost routes :

    The PIC32 Starter Kit contains everything needed to experience the high performance PIC32 microcontroller family. It includes over 35 source code examples, on-board programmer/debugger, free development tools and numerous design documents. The PIC32 Starter Kit includes an expansion header for adding Microchips Starter Kit expansion boards (coming soon) or for prototyping your own.


    The Plug-in Module enables PIC32 development on the Explorer 16 development board (DM240001 or DM240002.DM240002.). A 72 MHz PIC32MX360F512L with 512 KB of Flash, 32 KB of RAM, 4 channels of hardware DMA and instruction trace is installed on the plug-in module.


    In addition, PIC32 is also launching with broad MIPS-based tool support throughout the industry. Complete tool chains are available from Ashling, Green Hills and Hi-Tech—including C and C++ compilers, IDEs and debuggers. RTOS support is available from various vendors including CMX, Express Logic, FreeRTOS, Micrium, Segger and Pumpkin. In addition, graphics display tools providers include EasyGUI, Segger, RamTeX and Micrium. A full list of third-party support for the PIC32 family can be found at


    The first devices in the PIC32 family come in 64- or 100-pin TQFP packages. The new family has been sampling into early adopter designs, and is now available for general sampling. Volume production for all seven initial devices is expected in Q2 2008.


    Features & benefits:

    The immediate availability of a broad and compatible suite of tools means that Microchip’s current customers can easily make the transition from 8- and 16-bit microcontroller development to 32-bit development. At the same time, designers new to Microchip will find a highly integrated 32-bit toolchain that sets a new industry standard for integration and ease of use. PIC32 tool support is available today from the free MPLAB IDE version 8.0, the MPLAB C32 C compiler (including a free evaluation version), the MPLAB REAL ICE™ emulation system and the MPLAB ICD 2 in-circuit debugger.


    Product information table:


    Mftrs. Part No.Product DescriptionAdditional Information


    PIC32 Starter Kit

    Plugs into PC


    PIC32 PIM

    Plugs into Explorer 16


    Explorer 16

    16/32 bit Dev Board


    Real Ice

    High Speed Debugger



    In Circuit Debugger


    IC, SM 32-BIT MCU, 32K FLASH



    IC, SM 32-BIT MCU, 64K FLASH



    IC, SM 32-BIT MCU, 128K FLASH



    IC, SM 32-BIT MCU, 128K FLASH



    IC, SM 32-BIT MCU, 256K FLASH



    IC, SM 32-BIT MCU, 256K FLASH



    IC, SM 32-BIT MCU, 512K FLASH