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    Magnecraft 861H Class 1, Division 2 Solid State Relay




    SE Relays LLC expands the Magnecraft solid state relay offering with the addition of the 861H solid state relay (SSR) series. The revolutionary, intrinsically safe, patent-pending 861H incorporates an integrated heat sink and sealing technology to achieve the Class 1, Division 2 rating from Underwriters Laboratories® for approved use in Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations. The slim line relay is an industry first for size, function and performance to be granted Class 1, Division 2 certification.




    Features & Benefits:

    Class 1, Division 2 certificationApproves relay for use in hazardous locations
    Solid state circuitryInvolves no moving parts
    Optically coupled circuitProvides electrical isolation between input and output circuits
    Internal snubberProtects relay’s output circuit from high voltage transients
    Internal heat sinkProvides factory tested thermal management
    Finger-safe terminalsPrevents operator from touching live circuits
    DIN Rail or panel mountingIncreases functionality and ease of installation





    • Burner assemblies
    • Chemical injections systems
    • Extraction and refining machines
    • Solenoid control
    • Blower control
    • Motorized duct and vent control
    • Medical equipment
    • Lighting




    Standard Part Numbers:

    Part Description
    Magnecraft Part Number
    SSR IN:3.5 to 32 VDC, OUT:15A, 3 to 50 VDC 861HSSR115-DD861HSSR115-DD
    SSR IN:3.5 to 32 VDC, OUT:8A, 3 to 150 VDC 861HSSR208-DD861HSSR208-DD
    SSR IN:90 to 280 VAC, OUT:10A, 24 to 280 VAC 861HSSR210-AC-1861HSSR210-AC-1
    SSR IN:3 to 32 VDC, OUT:10A, 24 to 280 VAC 861HSSR210-DC-1861HSSR210-DC-1
    SSR IN:90 to 280 VAC, OUT:10A, 48 to 480 VAC 861HSSR410-AC-1
    SSR IN:3 to 32 VDC, OUT:10A, 48 to 480 VAC 861HSSR410-DC-1861HSSR410-DC-1
    SSR IN:90 to 280 VAC, OUT:10A, 48 to 600 VAC 861HSSR610-AC-1
    SSR IN:3 to 32 VDC, OUT:10A, 48 to 600 VAC 861HSSR610-DC-1