Version 3

    Magnecraft Complete Solution
    Class 1, Division 2 Relays


    Challenge: Customer has a switching requirement in an environment which has specific flammable gases, combustible dust or fibers; that can ignite.

    Recommendation: The Magnecraft product line offers both electromechanical plug-in and solid state relays carrying Class 1, Division 2 Categories A, B, C, and D approval from Underwriters Laboratories®. Class 1, Division 2 is a standard which was developed by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide requirements for the design and construction of electrical equipment and parts that will be used in hazardous locations. Certified components, when used properly, are not capable of igniting the surrounding atmosphere.



    Product Features & Benefits:
    750H Octal Plug-In Relay
    • DPDT & 4PDT
    • 3 & 12 A versions available
    • 8 & 11-pin octal terminals
    • Socket compatible
    782H Plug-In Relay
    • DPDT & 4PDT
    • 1, 3 & 5 A versions available
    • Quick Connect terminals
    • Socket compatible
    861H Solid State Relay
    • SPST-NO
    • 8, 10 & 15 A versions available
    • SCR (Zero Cross) & MOSFET (DC Switching)
    • Din & panel mountable