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    microchip_114x26.gifThe PICDEM System Management Kit from Microchip

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    Microchip's PICDEM System Management (Part # SPSYSMGT), sold exclusively through Farnell, includes several tools that demonstrate and aid in the development of system management applications. The PICDEM System Management Board shows how microcontrollers can add flexibility, integrate tasks and reduce costs. The PICkit Serial Analyzer and PICkit 2 Programmer are development tools that allow you to efficiently create and debug application firmware.


    The PICDEM System Management Board demonstrates how microcontrollers can add flexibility, integrate tasks and reduce cost in system management applications. The board is populated with a PIC16F886 Flash microcontroller that implements an IC real-time clock calendar, serial EEPROM, serial analog-to-digital converter and thermal management controller. The PICkit Serial Analyzer is used in conjunction with the PICDEM System Management Board to individually manage and monitor each of the four functions implemented on the PIC microcontroller. A PC graphical user interface (included on CD) has been developed that demonstrates the functionality of each of the devices. The tabbed GUI provides thermal management status, analog-to-digital converter status, serial EEPROM data status and modification, real-time clock data and basic IC communications. Included with the kit is Microchip's new PICkit Serial Analyzer. The PICkit Serial Analyzer is a serial communications interface to USB. The development tool can manage and analyze several industry standard serial communications protocols including IC, SPI, and USART. The PICkit Serial Analyzer connects to serial communications lines via a 6-pin header. The PICkit Serial Analyzer GUI allows analysis and generation of serial communications. Simple messages can be generated in the GUI and complex messages can be generated as well using scripts and software templates. This development tool aids in any application where the test and debug of serial communications is required.


    The PICkit 2 Programmer is a low-cost USB in-circuit programmer. It is capable of programming most of Microchip's Flash microcontrollers. The 6-pin programming connector connects to the In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) pins of the microcontroller. The PICkit 2 programming software allows the writing of both program memory and data EEPROM memory. The PICkit 2 Programmer is useful for programming during development of PIC microcontrollers.


    The PIC16F690, PIC16F886, PIC16F887 samples included in this kit are ideal for system management applications. Each has a large variety of integrated peripherals that can implement functions such as real-time clock, chassis intrusion detection, thermal management, serial EEPROM, analog-to-digital conversion and power-up sequencing. Moreover, in system management applications utilizing IC communications, each of these microcontrollers has a Synchronous Serial Port Module (MSSP or SSP) with an address-masking feature, which allows the microcontroller to address multiple IC slave address. This can allow many IC devices on a bus to be integrated into a single microcontroller.


    Features & benefits:

    Included in the kit are:

    PICDEM System Management Board

    • PIC16F886 microcontroller
    • 3-Wire Fan
    • +12V Power Supply
    • PICDEM System Management GUI Interface

    PICkit Serial Analyzer

    • PICkit Serial Analyzer Software

    PICkit 2 Programmer

    • PICkit 2 Programming Software

    PIC16F690, PIC16F886, PIC16F887 Samples


    Application information:


    Target Applications:

    • Rack-mount servers
    • Telecommunications equipment
    • Set top boxes
    • High definition televisions
    • Power management
    • Home appliance


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