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    Check here for frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that isn't represented here, please feel free to add a comment to this document or ask us.


    Q: Does the element14 Everywhere app. cost anything?

    A: No, the app. is free to download and use


    Q: I don't have an iPhone, Android or Blackberry - can I still get the application to use on my mobile?

    A: If you have access to the internet of your mobile, you can access the mobile-friendly version of element14 on your smartphone by visiting;


    Q: Where can I download the app. for my iPhone?

    A: You can download from the App Store on iTunes or straight from the App Store your iPhone, search for "element14"


    Q: What is Android?

    A: It a mobile device (table and phone) operating system created by Google.


    Q: How do I download the Android Application?

    A: Simply start the Play Shop, search for "element14" and download the app on your mobile phone. You can also the Play Shop from your desktop at


    Q: What do I do if I find a problem with the application?

    A: Please let us know by sending your feedback to or adding to the discussion here.


    Q: I just purchased an application for my iPhone, how do I install it on my device?

    A: To install your application, connect your devive to your computer.  In iTunes, select your device in the source list.  The preferences pane for that device will appear.  Click the Applications tab.  Select Sync applications.  Click All applications or Selected applications.  If you click Selected applications, also select the applications you want to sync.  Click Apply.


    Q: Will iPod applications run on my computer?

    A: No.  Applications are designed exclusively for use on the iPhone and iPod touch.


    Q: How do I remove an application from my device?

    A: Select your device in the iTunes source pane.  Click the Applications tab.  Select Sync applications.  Click the Selected applications button.  Deselect the applications you wish to remove.  Click Apply.











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