Version 15
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    Search for "element14" on on your phone, or download the iPhone app from the iTunes Store.



    Q: The app won't start

    A: Restart the phone and it'll be fine. We haven't managed to get to the bottom of this.

    Search for "element14" in the Google Play Shop on your device, or view the app profile on the web.



    Q: The app falls over on my device

    A: Let us know what phone you've got & we'll investigate. Android is a difficult platform to develop for what with all the different devices available for it.

    Search for "element14" on the tablet, or view the app on App World.



    Q: Why have we released the app for the Playbook?

    A: Their latest OS allows us to re-package our Android app to run on the Playbook with no code alterations.



    All other smartphones can use our our mobile site:


    Feel free to send us feedback on the app via