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    Energy Micro is the specialist in low energy microcontroller design with a mission to provide the world's most energy friendly microcontrollers based on modern and powerful architectures.


    The EFM32 Gecko microcontrollers accelerate migration of existing and new embedded applications from legacy solutions to ultra low-power industry standard 32-bit MCUs.


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    The Gecko microcontrollers are supported by the EFM32 Development Kit, exhibited at the Farnell stand.

    The EFM32-G8XX-DK EFM32-G8XX-DK unit carries an EFM32G890F128 plug-in board with 160 segment LCD.

    The kit features:

    • Advanced Energy Monitoring
    • Real-time, accurate energy and power profiling
    • User interface with joystick, switches and potentiometer
    • EXP32 expansion port, 2xRS232, IrDA, Memory Card
    • Large EXP32 prototyping module
    • 32KB evaluation compiler version


    The EFM32 Gecko Development Kit is a rapid prototyping platform for low power microcontroller applications.

    It comes with a motherboard, a prototyping-board and a replaceable MCU-board, as well as a software development environment.


    The kit features an Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) system that provides designers with control over the application's energy consumption.  The AEM offers precise measurement of current and voltage, allowing for on-board display and logging.

    It also allows for isolation of motherboard's components not relevant to the end application, allowing users to maximise on energy-efficiency by tweaking the variables.


    The peripheral set on the board together with on-board emulator allows for a simple set-up to give a complete design and prototyping process, made even easier with all EFM32 GPIO pins available.


    The user interface available includes 320x240 TFT display, user LEDs, DIP & pushbutton switches, miniature joystick, system reset & potmeter.


    Set of analogue features also include ambient light sensor, 3-axis accelerometer & line in/out interface.


    RS232 serial ports, I2C & Infrared transceiver communications protocols are available.


    Debugging is made possible with on-board SEGGER J-Link USB emulator and an ARM 20-pin JTAG/SWD debug I/O connector.


    4Mb SRAM, 32Mb NOR flash, 2kb I2C Eeprom and 16Mb SPI Flash memory types are available.


    5V external supply & 5V/500mA USB supply provide the power sources.


    The MCU board itself comes with the LCD, watch & 32MHz crystal, LED indicators for power & reset functions.