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    Responsible electronic component and equipment manufacturers are already preparing for the time when the lifespan of their products comes to an end by scrutinizing the materials incorporated and their future recylcability. Recycling laws have already come into force in Germany (“Kreislauf-Wirtschaftsgesetz”) and guidelines for electronic scrap are in preparation.

    The aim is a suitable waste disposal program and _ as a preventative measure _ a reduction in the content of hazardous damaging materials in such components. In order to conform to this procedure, detailed information about the materials and their quantities is needed.

    This present overview answers questions put forward by customers as to the constituents and their function in the most important of Vishay Semiconductor’s semiconductor products. Special significance is given to so-called “Hazardous Substances”. It demonstrates that Vishay Semiconductor products under normal operating conditions do not expose the applier or environment to any hazard. However, most products
    nevertheless contain small but necessary quantities of “Hazardous Substances” which can _ if not treated correctly or through accidents _ be released on a small scale into the environment. The present information was produced with the greatest possible care. Any suggestions for improvement of this brochure are welcome.