Version 2

    Honeywell is pleased to release an end-user product training module about the new Honeywell ZephyrTM Digital Airflow Sensors. This 23-slide presentation with speaker's notes covers the following information:


    Key competitive differentiators not found in other digital airflow sensors, including:

    1. Delivers the industry's most accurate airflow reading of plus or minus 2.5%, often ideal for demanding applications with high accuracy requirements;

        - Customization allows you the ability to design the sensor to meet your application needs;
        - High sensitivity at very low flows allows your application the ability to detect the presence or absence of airflow;
        - High stability reduces errors due to thermal effects and null shift to provide accurate readings over time, often eliminating the need for system calibration after PCB mount and periodically over time;
        - Low pressure drop typically improves patient comfort in medical applications, and reduces noise and system wear in components such as motors and pumps;
        - Linear output provides a more intuitive sensor signal than the raw output of basic airflow sensors, often eliminating the need for customers having to linearize the output which can help to reduce production and design costs and implementation time;

    2. Why they're called "Zephyr";
    3. Features and benefits, configurations, potential applications, and additional resources.