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    Xeltek and Newark have been business partners since May of 2004.  Being in business together both companies have benefited from the one  another and both Xeltek and Newark have grown more and more  successfully.


    Presently, Newark is part of the Premier Farnell Group, a leading  multi-channel, high-service electronics distributor providing the  broadest selection of components and test equipment for engineers,  maintenance professionals and purchasing professionals across the US,  Canada, and Mexico. Newark’s products offer the latest technologies and  solutions from proven names such as Analog Devices, AVX, Cypress  Semiconductors, Freescale, Microchip, National Semiconductor and Texas  Instruments. Xeltek belongs with these other proven names as Xeltek is a  leading provider of solutions for all device programming needs.


    On top of bringing the latest products from proven names and top  brands, Newark offers the cutting edge of technology available today.  Newark’s website offers 4.4 million different products and each week new  and up-and-coming technologies are added to this list including both  world-class and niche electronics. Newark makes it easy for customers to  find whatever they need while making sure to make the customers  experience the best in the industry.


    Xeltek, based in the heart of Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, CA), is  the leading supplier of cost effective programming solutions for  memories, microcontrollers and programmable logic devices. Xeltek’s  family of programmers and adapters combined with unparalleled device and  software customer support provide a complete range of solutions for  engineering development and even volume production.

    Xeltek leads the industry by providing the fastest and most  functional programmers as well as having the largest devices supported  by our programmers. Xeltek programmers have dual functionality in that  they can program both connected to a computer or by themselves,  stand-alone mode. This lets programmers have the ability to program in  an uncluttered space without computers and extra hardware or as a  production programmer, programming a large number of devices. Xeltek  maintains a large team of engineers for new device algorithm development  to support 62K

    devices with new updates daily.


    "Xeltek has been committed to providing best value and services in  the industry for the past 20 years. SuperPro 5000 series Universal  programmers, with 62,000+ device support and dual operational modes  (engineering and manufacturing) features, has led the industry for the  past several years." said Sam Kim, CEO/President Xeltek Inc. "Now, with  the impending release of new family of programmers with 32bit ARM7/9/11  RISC MCU implementation raising the programming speed up to 10 times,  have raised the bar yet another notch in the low-cost programmer  industry."



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