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    Enter for a Chance to Win Ben’s Latest Creation on element14’s Community Page and Dazzle Guests at Any Party


    CHICAGO – Oct. 26, 2010 element14, a collaborative social community and electronics store for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts, today warned viewers of The Ben Heck Show that episode four, airing today, may not be for the faint of heart – or for those with no heart at all.  Console modder guru Benjamin J. Heckendorn, a.k.a. Ben Heck, along with trusted friend and fellow modder Jason Jones, take on roles of illusionists as they walk viewers through the construction of a deceptive “Portal T-Shirt” costume, based off Valve’s classic game Portal.


    Just in time for Halloween, episode four’s project is a wearable mod that creates the appearance of being able to see straight-through the person wearing it, as if they have no internal organs!  In addition, viewers of episode four of “The Ben Heck Show” will have the opportunity to win Ben’s autographed Portal T-Shirt by registering at element14 after the show airs and answering a few questions about the segment.

    “When it comes to technology, I live it, breathe it, and now with Halloween right around the corner, I’ll be wearing it,” said Ben Heck. “I think that this mod may not only change Halloween costumes for years to come, but might also change the direction of the global fashion industry.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see wearable portals show up on next year’s Paris runways or all over New York’s Fashion Week.”


    “The Ben Heck Show” is a bi-weekly online television series dedicated to the science, art and mindset of system and hardware modders with a global audience of design engineers, students and electronic enthusiasts (i.e., tech geeks). Each episode spotlights Ben’s mods of popular electronic devices.  Sponsored exclusively by element14 and produced by leading Internet TV network Revision3, the show educates viewers on the underlying technology powering each of Ben’s featured projects, offering his unique insight regarding hardware modification techniques, tools and design tips.


    “The holidays generally lend themselves to creative projects, and Ben takes on that challenge in episode four with a unique idea that will surely be a big hit at any Halloween party,” said Alisha Mowbray, senior vice president of marketing, element14. “The portal t-shirt proves that ghost and witch costumes are a thing of the past for serious modders and design engineers. This year, it’s all about electronics and active imaginations to create a cutting-edge costume.”



    Viewers interested in sharing their thoughts with other modder junkies can join the dedicated “Ben Heck Show” group on element14,, to participate in ongoing discussions regarding the show or post videos of their own mods.