Version 2


    The Duratool ( Farnell own Brand) soldering stations (1296771) represent very good value for money, they are ideal for small business / hobby / light duty applications where the full price of a Weller station is not justifiable.

    There is on occasions, a scenario whereby the control unit powers up ok but the iron does not heat up. This is usually due to the heating element going ‘open circuit’.

    You can easily check for this condition by measuring the resistance across pins 1 and 4 of the connector attached to the soldering iron. If it is open circuit, then you need either a new iron (1296774) or, for the more cost conscious just the new element/thermocouple unit (1296775).

    The iron is very easy to strip down and the element is identified by the Black/White pair of wires and the thermocouple pair being Brown/Blue.

    The element must be replaced as a whole unit, the thermocouple being integrated into it. Although the heating element is not polarity sensitive, the thermocouple wires may be and connecting them the wrong way around will make the station power unit either not supply power to the iron, or supply full power with no heating regulation. So take note of the colours before detaching the old element.