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    Global warming and climate changes from CO2 emissions of traditional energy sources, such as those powered by fossil fuels, have created huge markets for alternative power generation. Wind turbine energy has become a popular alternative to meet the fast growing energy demand. Unlike fossil fuels, which are a limited and diminishing resource, wind energy is limitless and readily available.


    Conversion of wind energy into utility grade AC power requires power electronics, such as rectifiers and inverters. In a high power generation system, galvanic insulation becomes very important to ensure the quality and reliability of the power generation. Fiber optic components offer protection by providing insulation from high-voltage glitches and unwanted signals in power electronic devices.


    Avago Technologies offers highly reliable industrial fiber optic components for data-acquisition/control and isolation in the power generation market. Featuring outstanding performance in high insulation voltage and high immunity to EMI, these products can be installed to operate in close proximity to power-carrying conduits which emit disruptive electrical interference. As the demand for renewable energy grows globally, wind turbine designs are becoming larger and larger. Avago Technologies’ industrial fiber products offer a wide range of data-rate and link lengths for many applications in this power generation market.