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    Alternative Energy Solutions - Energy Scavenging

    Energy scavenging systems are devices that can convert solar power, thermal energy, wind power, mechanical energy and electromagnetic energy into electrical energy. This is then stored in batteries or super capacitors.

    Benefiting from the latest developments in semiconductor technology, such energy scavenging schemes are getting increasingly easier to develop and implement.

    An energy scavenging system is composed of energy collection, energy storage and power management devices.The energy collection is responsible for capturing the energy from surrounding sources (such as ambient light or mechanical vibration) and converting it into electrical power. The electrical power is stored in batteries or super capacitors to feed to other devices. The power management converts the stored power into different voltage and current levels for satisfying the different needs of powered devices.

    The common application of the energy scavenging systems can be found in wireless network sensors or wireless detection devices. In these applications, the use of ultra low power consuming MCUs and Wireless Trancievers and the scarcity of the conventional power sources makes the case for the implementation and use of Energy Scavenging Systems.
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