Version 4

    The continued transition to HDTV within the professional broadcast industry, the advent of 1080p50/60 production, D-Cinema production and higher resolution / bit depth formats, are all factors driving the widespread adoption and build out of 3G SDI capable broadcast infrastructure. As this build out continues, broadcasters are increasingly looking to optical fiber interfaces for the carriage and distribution of 3G SDI signaling within the plant. At these higher data rates, fiber optic systems provide a number of advantages (to coax cabling), especially for long links. Optical fiber installations also promise smaller and lighter trunking and in large installations on green-field sites, the cost of installing a fiber infrastructure can be less than an equivalent coax cable installation.


    Gennum’s video optical modules are engineered to provide industry leading optical performance and robustness for mission-critical broadcast applications. The recently released second generation offering extends Gennum’s leadership by providing new receiver technology with unmatched overload, sensitivity and signal integrity.



    Robust Performance

    Not all optical modules are created equal. Gennum’s optical modules are built upon Gennum’s excellence in both SDI and optical technology. Incorporating custom receiver silicon, Gennum modules feature an exceptional dynamic range ensuring maximum interoperability with SMPTE297 compliant transmitters. Additionally, Gennum’s modules provide robust performance across all operating conditions thereby ensuring a highly reliable optical link.




    • Robust performance across all operating conditions thereby ensuring a highly reliable optical link
    • Optimized for short reach optical applications and offer design improvement and enhanced functionality
    • Exceptional optical performance with pathological data:
      • Receiver overload: 0dBm
      • Best in class Receiver sensitivity: -23dBm
    • Digital diagnostic interface for monitoring and control of module
    • User writable EEPROM where equipment manufacturers can program their own information within the SFP to enable their equipment to identify qualified modules
    • SMPTE 297 compliant
    • Small Form Pluggable (SFP) package saves board space requirements
    • SFPs offer an improved mechanical design with a superior latching and delatching mechanism
    • Pin-out designed so that one slot can be populated with a dual transmitter, dual receiver, single transmitter, single receiver, or a transceiver
    • Both video and datacom pinout variants are available. This allows network equipment manufacturers to add optical SDI interfaces to any existing products that were designed per the SFP MSA pinout rather than the defacto standard Video SFP pinout.
    • Telecordia GR-468-CORE compliant





    • Any professional video broadcast SMPTE compatible optical-to-electrical interfaces
    • High density video routers
    • Professional video cameras and monitors