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    High Capacity, High Energy, safe and reliable battery solutions for long lasting energy supply in Lithium-Manganese Technology


    Modern metering and security automotive applications like energy meters, water meters, gas meters, heat cost allocators, medical pipets, sensors and alert systems, home security sensors and sensor networks, Automotive car alarm backup, road toll and e-call systems require a highly reliable energy source for optimum performance. For all of these applications VARTA Microbattery offers a complete range of Lithium primary Round cells and Battery packs in two families. The CR 1/2AA, CR2/3AA, CRAA and CR2/3A mass series with highest capacity for all kinds of backup applications and the CR2NP, CR2/3AH, CR123ACR123A and CR2 coiled high energy series for high discharge currents in communication and wireless sensor applications.


    Primary Lithium high capacity and high energy family

    Focused on the requirements of backup of safety critical electronic data in the metering and security market, VARTA Microbattery offers a complete range of highly reliable Primary Lithium Round Cells and Batteries:

    • Low self discharge (less than 1 % per year at RT)
    • Superior shelf life and operational life
           (up to 10 years and more - after 15 years of experience with laser welded sealing)
    • High Capacity or High rate cell construction
    • No Memory Effect
    • No need for expensive safety electronics
    • Operation over a wide temperature range
    • 0% lead, 0% mercury and 0% cadmium
    • All cells are UL recognized under file BBCVL MH 13654
    • Product support worldwide is available for the design engineer
    • Battery designs in various assembles
    • With wire connector
    • In plastic housing with high-tech materials


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    Order CodeDescriptionManufacturer Part No
    463292463292BATTERY, LITHIUM, 1/2AA, AXIAL, 3V6127501301
    463309463309BATTERY, LITHIUM, AA, AXIAL, 3V6117501301
    30448533044853BATTERY, LITHIUM, 2/3AA, AXIAL, 3V6237501301
    463310463310BATTERY, LITHIUM, 1/2AA, PCB, 3V6127201301
    463322463322BATTERY, LITHIUM, AA, PCB, 3V6117201301
    30448413044841BATTERY, LITHIUM, 2/3AA, PCB, 3V6237201301
    86362068636206BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR1/2AA6127101301
    86362148636214BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR2/3AA6237101301
    50882765088276BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR2/3AH6215101301
    18775681877568BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR1/2AA, 950MAH, 3V6127101358
    18775691877569BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR1/2AA, 950MAH, 3V6127201390
    18775701877570BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR1/2AA, 950MAH, 3V6127301301
    18775711877571BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR1/2AA, 950MAH, 3V6127601301
    18775721877572BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR1/2AA, 950MAH, 3V6127601381
    18775731877573BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR1/2AA, 950MAH, 3V6127701301
    18775751877575BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR1/2AA, 950MAH, 3V6127901301
    18775761877576BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR2/3AA, 1350MAH, 3V6237301301
    18775771877577BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR2/3AA, 1350MAH, 3V6237701301
    18775781877578BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR2/3AH, 1500MAH, 3V6215201013
    18775791877579BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR2/3AH, 1500MAH, 3V6215301301
    18775801877580BATTERY, LITHIUM, CRAA, 2000MAH, 3V6117201390
    18775811877581BATTERY, LITHIUM, CRAA, 2000MAH, 3V6117301301
    18775821877582BATTERY, LITHIUM, CRAA, 2000MAH, 3V6117701301
    18775831877583BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR123A, 1550MAH, 3V6205210501
    18775841877584BATTERY, LITHIUM, CR2, 850MAH, 3V6206210501