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    Outstanding batteries from the world market leader for your applications



    VARTA Microbattery has provided solutions to major OEM companies for high-tech applications in cordless phones, notebook bridging function, memory backup and real-time clock in PCs/notebooks as well as power sources for toys, remote control devices, torches, domestic alarms, car alarms, medical equipment and many more.


    Focused on the market requirements of modern electronic devices, VARTA Microbattery offers high-tech Rechargeable Ni-MH Button Cells:

    • With high capacity
    • No memory effect
    • Long life expectancy
    • Excellent charge & discharge characteristics
    • 0 % lead, 0 % mercury and 0 % cadmium
    • Safe & reliable (UL recognition)

      Outstanding performance and product support is guaranteed for the electronic device designer.
    • Thousands of battery assemblies available
    • Global design-in teams
    • High-tech application labs
    • Outstanding key account customer references
    • Worldwide branch office & distribution network
    • ISO 9001/14001
    • The world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable button cells


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    Order CodeDescriptionManufacturer   Part No
    279330279330BATTERY, PCB MOUNT, 2.4V55615602940
    279341279341BATTERY, PCB MOUNT, 3.6V55608303059
    279353279353BATTERY, PCB MOUNT, 3.6V55615603940
    35195693519569BATTERY, NIMH, MEMPAC55620302059
    35195703519570BATTERY, NIMH, MEMPAC55620303059
    35195823519582BATTERY, NIMH, MEMPAC55625602059
    35195943519594BATTERY, NIMH, MEMPAC55625603059
    524864524864BATTERY, PCB MOUNT, 3.6V, 3/V15H55602303013
    854657854657BATTERY, NIMH, PCB MOUNT, 2.4V55608602059
    863956863956BATTERY, PCB MOUNT, 2.4V55602302012
    863968863968BATTERY, PCB MOUNT, 1.2V55615201940
    863970863970BATTERY, PCB MOUNT, 4/V150H55615604940
    863993863993BATTERY, PCB MOUNT, 6V55630605800
    18793621879362BATTERY, NIMH, V150H, 1.2V, 150MAH55615201501
    18793631879363BATTERY, NIMH, 3CELL, 3.6V, 150MAH55615303052
    18793651879365BATTERY, NIMH, 3CELL, 3.6V, 150MAH55615303059
    18793661879366BATTERY, NIMH, 3CELL, 3.6V, 150MAH55615403059
    18793671879367BATTERY, NIMH, 3CELL, 3.6V, 150MAH55615603059
    18793681879368BATTERY, NIMH, 3CELL, 3.6V, 150MAH55615603060
    18793691879369BATTERY, NIMH, 5CELL, 6V, 150MAH55615305060
    18793701879370BATTERY, NIMH, 6CELL, 7.2V, 150MAH55615306059
    18793711879371BATTERY, NIMH, 6CELL, 7.2V, 150MAH55615306060