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    The RoHS recast became law on 21 July and, allowing for transposition

    by Member States into national law, will enter into force on 2 July 2013.

    While Category 8 (medical devices) will be of interest to many Category 9

    (monitoring and control instruments) will have a more widespread impact on

    our industry.

    Category 9 products that will fall within scope after 3 years (6 years for industrial) include smoke

    detectors, heating regulators, thermostats, measuring weighing or adjusting appliances

    for household or as laboratory equipment, oscilloscopes, calibration equipment,

    and other monitoring and control instruments used in industrial installations.

    Category 8 products also fall within scope after 3 years (5 years for IVD) and include blood pressure

    meters, blood analysers, endoscope, ultrasound, CT scanners, ventilators, defibrillators, pacemakers,

    opetating theatre and dental equipment.

    Manufacturers should produce compliant products asap as 2006 shows that market share gains were

    to be had.

    ERA Technology, who carried out the original review, produced an indicative list of examples

    of what could fall in scope, and they updated it on 31 March to provide greater clarity

    - see attached PDF:




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