Version 5

    How to use the element14 Knode


    The Knode on element14 is for design engineers who want to quickly find the best products and solutions to complete a design project. With the Knode you can:

    • search on key parameters like category, core architecture, manufacturer or other key terms, to quickly find related information
    • access development kits, development tools and embedded software from leading manufacturers like ARM, Micrium, Microchip and TI.  Exclusive development kits and PCB design software, schematics and CAD models.
    • connect directly to local qualified suppliers for PCB Fabrication and Prototyping who can produce high quality boards fast
    • fulfill your saved Parts List in a few clicks through element14


    Found within the element14 Community, the Knode makes it easy to access manufacturer and industry experts, technical videos, webinars, documents and other engineers who you can connect with to solve real design challenges.


    Whether you are looking to learn and design with new technologies or just want to use every advantage to speed time to market, the Knode is your first – and last – stop to get your design done.


    Productivity Through the Design Cycle

    New Design

    • A cleaner, less cluttered design to make it easier to find what you’re looking for
    • More space for new solutions, better access to video, application specific content and downloads
    • Intuitive navigation to find information fast





    Improved Search

    • Easily find the technical content and solutions you need with:
      1. One click search from The Knode home page across all areas of the design flow
      2. All the technical content you’re used to from a single search bar







    Better sharing and storing of information

    • New features such as ‘Content List’ and ‘Parts List’ helps you securely store information that is relevant to you or your project and share it with colleagues
    • Gather and store parts, code, examples and documents





    New content across the design flow

    • More rich technical content and resources for embedded design and PCB design flows
    • Quick access to detailed information, App Notes, Datasheets, Videos and Downloads
    • Over 1000 Dev Kits and 300 Dev Tools for your next Design Start
      1. Supported with more than 11,000 pieces of related technical content and resources
    • Ten of thousands of CAD models from the world’s leading semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers



    Automated Creation of Product Associations

    • Select a Dev Kit, Dev Tool or RTOS and let the Knode work out which of the companion tools work for you
    • Helps you quickly research and select the right solutions for your design