Version 12



    Flyback Converter for LT3573/LT3574/LT3575/LT3748


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    Würth Elektronik developed flyback transformers for the switching  regulators:

    More than 60 different transformers are available in stock. The demo  boards impress with their simple design and the need for less components around  the IC, as usual. Aging of the typical optocoupler used in isolated flyback  converter designs are past now, as these switching regulators work with a  primary side sensing, instead of using an optocoupler.

    Würth Elektronik offers a wide variety of demo kits, which each  includes a demo board. This board can be adjusted to input and output  requirements by changing only two resistors and the transformer. Therefore, it’s  an easy and fast customized isolated switch mode power supply.



    • Standard transformers for various output voltages/currents  available    
    • Easy design of custom power supply due to standard circuit  and change of transformers and two components for feedback loop    
    • Isolation voltage up to 2.5 kV    
    • Less external components needed    
    • Small board space    
    • Low cost    
    • No optocoupler needed!    
    • Long term reliability voltage control    
    • No aging    
    • Same external parts for different output voltages    
    • PoE, Voice over IP, Communications  
    • Standby & industrial power supplies  
    • Xenon flash lamps, laser, LED lighting  
    • IGBT controller  
    • Sensitive input voltage required applications (small VP-P)   


    Assembled demo boards with option to change included transformer
    Order Code*LT ICDemoboardPower (W)Transformer assembled on board
    Order Code
    750 105LT3574EMS#PBFLT3574EMS#PBFDC1636A2.5750 370 041
    750 103LT3573EMSE#PBFLT3573EMSE#PBFDC1228A7750 970 047
    750 106LT3575EFE#PBFLT3575EFE#PBFDC1643A10750 311 675
    750 107LT3748DC1557A12750 311 439
    750 108LT3748DC1694A30750 311 607


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