Version 26
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    • Modular hardware enabling multiple connectivity technologies
    • Optimized development software for Linux®, Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 and open operating systems
    • Out-of-box experience, complete with demonstration software and performance data
    • Maximum performance and power savings
    • Complete "Design. Debug. Demo." capability as simple as 1,2,3
    • i.MX35 Applications Processor Module
      • ARM11™
      • Memory
        • 256MB NAND FLASH
        • 64 MB NOR FLASH
        • 2 GB NAND FLASH
      • Power Management (PMIC MC13982) Power Circuitry
      • Audio codec (SGTL 5000)
    • Debug Module (Software Development)
      • Debug Ethernet Port
      • Debug Serial Port
      • JTAG
      • Reset, Interrupt, Boot Switches
      • Debug LEDs
      • CodeTest Interface
      • Power Source
      • Current/Power Monitoring
    • Personality Module (Demo-ready)
      • User I/O
      • 7" TFT WVGA screen display with touchscreen
      • CMOS image sensor
      • U/I connector for display/keypad
      • Auxiliary video input for display from external video source
      • CAN connector
      • Two USB ports
      • 10/100 Ethernet port
      • MLB interface
      • SD card, ATA, HDD interfaces

    NXP’s comprehensive i.MX35 MCIMX35LPDKJ “formfactor” development kit is a three-stack solution that builds on the earlier success of the i.MX31 and i.MX27 product development kits. Based on a powerful ARM1136™ core, the i.MX35 PDK delivers a high-performance, low-power, cost-effective solution for a variety of solutions, including devices that require an open operating system and a robust user interface. The i.MX35 PDK is preconfigured with your choice of Linux® (MCIMX35LPDK) or Windows® Embedded CE 6.0, (MCIMX35WPDK) making it suitable for a wide range of multimedia applications. The i.MX35 PDK boards support the entire i.MX35 family of products.


    With the i.MX35 PDK, designers have access to key features needed for an end design. The NXP i.MX35 PDK’s personality module provides designers with key hardware functionality and connectivity required for many applications, such as automotive infotainment, personal navigation devices (PNDs) and human machine interface (HMI) for home controls and factory automation. With production-ready software components, an optimized OS and a system-validated board support package (BSP), designers have the tools to test and maximize the performance of the applications they have developed.


    Software and hardware engineers are provided with the key resources to test their developed code. They can also download this code to the target PDK to test and validate their software and run and evaluate performance metrics where needed. The ability to have all communications ports working (serial, USB, Ethernet) and to debug over JTAG is essential for product development. For example, the USB and the SD card can be used to run video tests from USB and from SD, or designers can reformat the SD card and use it as a disk. The debug board is common across all i.MX PDKs, allowing maximum re-use.

    Key Benefits


    • Rich multimedia experience with exceptional quality
    • Power management offers an abundance of different power saving modes, giving the system developer the ability to make trade-offs between power consumption in stand-by and recovery times
    • Reduced hassle associated with design-in of key connectivity options
    • Simplified product design


    Key Applications:


    • Consumer: Portable Navigation Device, Media Phones.
    • Industrial: Human Machine Interface (HMI), Building Control, Factory Automation.


    MCIMX35LPDKJ three-board system, including

    • CPU board with i.MX35 ARM11 MCU
    • Personality board with peripheral components, interface connectors, and 7" TFT WVGA touch screen display
    • Debug board with two RS-232 interfaces, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connector, and current measurement connectors
    Design techniquesU-boot for NXP i.MX35 (.pdf)  
    Design Packagei.MX35 PDK Design Files (.zip)