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    • ControlCARD For Initial Software Development and Short Run Builds
    • ControlCARD For Initial Software Development and Short Run Builds


    The new C2000 controlCARDs from Texas Instruments are ideal products for OEMs to use for initial software development and short run builds for system prototypes, test stands, and many other projects that require easy access to high-performance controllers.

    The controlCARDs are complete board-level modules that utilize an industry-standard DIMM form factor to provide a low-profile single-board controller solution. All of the C2000 controlCARDs use the same 100-pin connector footprint to provide the analog and digital I/Os on-board controller and are completely interchangeable.

    Each controlCARD provides an isolated RS-232 interface for communications. The host system needs to provide only 5V power to the controlCARD. The initial controlCARDs from TI support the 100MHz TMS320F2808 (P/N TMDSCNCD2808) and the 150MHz floating-point TMS320F28335 (P/N TMDSCNCD28335).

    Key Applications: Industrial power electronics, Power delivery, Renewable energy, and Smart Sensing.


    • TMS320F28335 Digital Signal Controller
      • High-Performance Static CMOS Technology
        • Up to 150 MHz (6.67-ns Cycle Time)
        • 1.9-V/1.8-V Core, 3.3-V I/O Design
      • High-Performance 32-Bit CPU (TMS320C28x)
      • Six Channel DMA Controller (for ADC, McBSP, ePWM, XINTF, and SARAM)
      • 16-bit or 32-bit External Interface (XINTF)
      • On-Chip Memory
      • Boot ROM (8K x 16)
    • Small form factor - 9cm x 2.5cm
    • Standard 100-pin DIMM interface
    • F28x analog I/O, digital I/O and JTAG signals at DIMM interface
    • Isolated multiProductLinkRS-232 interface
    • 5V power supply required
    • Standalone JTAG emulator required for debug, Sold separately.

    Ships With

    • multiProductLinkTMS320F28335 controlCARD (Daughter card)

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