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    • ColdFire MCF5225X Connectivity Tower System Kit
    • ColdFire MCF5225X Connectivity Tower System Kit


    The TWR-MCF5225X module is a development board for the MCF5225X ColdFire® V2 Connectivity MCUs, which are ideal for factory automation, building control and medical applications. It is designed to enable rapid prototyping and development for applications requiring connectivity through Ethernet, USB and CAN. The TWR-MCF5225X operates as a standalone debug tool and can also be combined and used as part of the modular Tower System development platform.

    The TWR-MCF5225X-KIT tower kit includes Tower System Serial Module (TWR-SER) and Tower System Elevator Modules (TWR-ELEV).

    The TWR-SER Serial Module provides USB, Ethernet, CAN and RS232/485 connectivity solutions for designers developing with the NXP Tower System. This peripheral module is designed to be combined and used with other MCU and peripheral modules in the Tower System.

    The TWR-ELEV Elevator modules are the basic building block of the NXP Tower System. Designed to connect MCU and peripheral modules, the Elevator modules provide the power regulation circuitry and structural integrity needed for all configurations of an assembled Tower System.

    The MCF5225X family consists of highly integrated devices with on-chip USB, Ethernet, CAN and encryption functions featuring the complete NXP MQX™ RTOS software at no additional cost.This 32-bit device is based on the ColdFire Version 2 core operating at a frequency up to 80 MHz, offering high performance and low power consumption. On-chip memories connected tightly to the processor core include up to 512 KB of flash memory and 64 KB of static random access memory (SRAM).

    Key Applications: Industrial control, Industrial networking, Human-machine interface (HMI), High-end lighting control, Fire and alarm systems/applications, Security panels, HVAC systems/applications, Health care devices.


    • Tower compatible microcontroller module
    • MCF5225XV2 ColdFire Microcontroller
      • MCF52259 in an 144 LQFP package
      • Complimentary NXP MQX™ software solutions
      • Connectivity: USB 2.0 full-speed host/device/OTG controller; FlexCAN controller; 10/100 Ethernet controller
      • External Mini-FlexBus interface
      • Cryptographic accelerator unit
    • MC9S08JM60 based Open Source Debug (OSBDM) circuit
    • 4 user controlled LEDs
    • Four DIP Switches and two push buttons for user input
    • Potentiometer
    • MMA7260 three-axis accelerometer
    • RS232 transceiver and 2x5 pin header
    • Expansion via Primary Elevator connector
    • Small form factor (59mm x 90mm) standard with NXP Tower System

    Ships With

    • TWR-MCF5225X board with a MCF52259 32-bit MCU
    • Tower System Serial Module (TWR-SER)
    • Tower System Elevator Modules (TWR-ELEV)
    • Necessary cables
    • DVD with lab tutorials, software, training and collateral
    • Quick Start Guide document

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