Version 3 Nevison - Head of Legislation & Compliance at Farnell

    Gary is the company spokesperson and customer interface on all legislation affecting the electronics industry. These include key directives and regulations, such as RoHS (all variants including China, India and Korean RoHS), REACH, ErP / Eco-design, WEEE, Battery and Conflict Minerals.


    As part of this, Gary has spoken extensively at legislation and environmental seminars throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. He also writes a regular blog in the UK, as well as providing frequent articles in North America, India and China.


    Extensive industry experience


    With 35 years service at Farnell, including over 20 years in Product Development, he has widespread experience in the electronic components industry. Gary is an active figure in the market place, and sits on the ECSN - Electronic Component Supply Network - (formerly AFDEC) Council, representing UK distribution, and leads its legislation sub group. Gary was also a Director of Electronics Yorkshire (2004 to 2011) supporting UK business.


    In June 2009, Gary was appointed to the BIS driven Electronics Regulatory Group (ERG) that was set up to ensure that the legitimate interests of the electronics sector were taken into account in the development of relevant regulation.


    Ask the Expert


    Do you have any queries about electronics legislation? Send your questions to Gary at


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    Element14 Legislation Portal


    Gary contributes heavily to the best-in-class element14 legislation portal at  The legislation portal was set up to provide first-to-market information for customers to help in understanding the complexities of legislation within the electronics industry.


    The portal provides a variety of resources including step-by-step summaries of key directives, key documents translated into six languages and an exclusive, free-to-use ‘Ask the Expert’ feature. Further development of online learning resources is planned with the inclusion of webinars and online presentations.


    The over-arching focus of the legislation portal is to provide the very latest electronics legislation information in an accessible way, turning what is complicated and confusing into tangible and actionable advice.


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