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    Show fans have the chance to win official “Ghost Squad” hats worn by Ben’s elite team of paranormal investigators

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    CHICAGO – Oct. 24, 2011 In the spirit of the Halloween season,element14, the first collaborative community and electronics store for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts, and modding guru Ben Heck, conquer the unknown on this week’s episode of “The Ben Heck Show:” Ghost Hunting. After experiencing paranormal activity in his workshop, Ben takes a break from modding to form the Ghost Squad, an elite team of everyday people who moonlight as paranormal investigators. Together, they use their DIY skills combined with gadgets and unorthodox methodology to search for answers from beyond the realm to help others who have experienced ghostly interactions.


    “My small but significant brush with an unexplainable disturbance inspired me to explore the paranormal, and I couldn’t do it without the rest of the Ghost Squad,” said Ben. “One might question our commitment to the study of the afterlife, and sure, there are a lot of ghost hunting shows on television these days, but I promise – we are the real deal and we will stop at nothing to solve any mystery we come across.”


    Ben’s Ghost Squad helps a woman who claims her house is haunted, reporting strange noises, doors opening and closing unexplainably and a strange black smoke. Throughout the chilling episode, Ben never strays from his customary teaching methods; taking time to explain spirit hunting terminology as well as devices used to help make the ghost hunting mission a success.


    "Armed with an assortment of ghost hunting tools, Ben and his crew stop at nothing to conquer the supernatural in this satirical episode," said Kevin Yapp, chief marketing officer, Premier Farnell. "Similarly, element14 is committed to providing engineers with a complete arsenal of support and tools necessary to complete any project or task-even assignments of a spectral nature."

    Fans of the latest episode are invited to join the discussion online and enter for a chance to win one of the Ghost Squad’s hats featured on this episode, as well as to send Ben a challenge for a future build. And, those looking for ideas for Halloween can see how Ben made his popular Halloween portal t-shirt at