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    CodeWarrior Development Studio is a complete integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides a highly visual and automated framework to accelerate the development of the most complex embedded applications. CodeWarrior is available in two development options:

    Eclipse Tools:

    The Eclipse Platform subproject provides the core frameworks and services upon which all plug-in extensions are created. It also provides the runtime in which plug-ins are loaded, integrated, and executed. The primary purpose of the Platform subproject is to enable other tool developers to easily build and deliver integrated tools.


    The Eclipse platform itself is a sort of universal tool platform - it is an IDE for anything and nothing in particular. It can deal with any type of resource (Java files, C files, Word files, HTML files, JSP files, etc) in a generic manner but doesn't know how to do anything that is specific to a particular file type. The Eclipse platform, by itself, doesn't provide a great deal of end-user functionality - it is what it enables that is interesting. The real value comes from tool plug-ins for eclipse that "teach" the platform how to work with these different kinds of resources. This pluggable architecture allows a more seamless experience for the end user when moving between different tools than ever before possible.


    The Eclipse platform defines a set of frameworks and common services that collectively make up "integration-ware" required to support a comprehensive tool integration platform. These services and frameworks represent the common facilities required by most tool builders including a standard workbench user interface and project model for managing resources, portable native widget and user interface libraries, automatic resource delta management for incremental compilers and builders, language-independent debug infrastructure, and infrastructure for distributed multi-user versioned resource management.


    In addition, the Eclipse platform defines a workbench user interface and a set of common domain-independent user interaction paradigms that tool builders plug into to add new capabilities. The platform comes with a set of standard views which can be extended by tool builders. Tool builders can both add new views, and plug new domain-specific capability into existing views.

    Classic Tools:

    The CodeWarrior Classic Integrated Development Environment (IDE) accelerates your development process. It combines a complete set of tools including an editor, compiler, linker, and debugger into a single environment that features an easy-to-use graphical user interface.


    NOTE: The CodeWarrior Classic IDE supports the full range of Freescale microcontrollers and processors. CodeWarrior Classic provides engineers with the flexibility to pick the host platform, programming language, and target processor that best suits project needs and substantially decreases time to market.


    And the Freescale line of products, including the CodeWarrior IDE, USBTAP and EthernetTAP emulators supports the full range of processors from 8- to 088-bit. So regardless of your specific industry or type of project, you have the comprehensive development tools that target the processor that meets your needs.


    Processor Expert

    Processor Expert Software is a development system to create, configure, optimize, migrate, and deliver software components that generate source code for Freescale silicon. Processor Expert software covers Freescale's S08/RS08, S12(X), Coldfire, Coldfire+, Kinetis, DSC 56800/E, QorIQ and some other Power Architecture processors. Processor Expert software is available as part of the CodeWarrior tool suite or as an Eclipse-based plug-in feature for installation into an independent Eclipse environment.


    Embedded Components are modules you install into Processor Expert Software. Each Component encapsulates a discrete set of functionality designed to accomplish the Component's design objectives. When used, it may generate configuration files, header files, and/or source code depending on the type of Component. A Component may represent a hardware abstraction, a peripheral driver, a software algorithm (such as data encryption), or any logical collection of software functions.


    Key Features

    • Eclipse-based development environment, providing industry-standard plug-ins and methodology
    • Packaged with extras for a complete tool kit (flash memory programmers are integrated into almost every CodeWarrior product)
    • Configured with the appropriate capability for each Freescale processor type and target market:
      • Linux® OS awareness built into the debugger for Power Architecture® tools
      • MQX™ awareness built into MCU tools
    • Works with simulators and advanced analysis tools, including:
      • Simulation
      • Profiling
      • Performance analysis
    • Freescale CodeWarrior tools connect seamlessly with the advanced hardware features of Freescale processors, including:
      • Hardware breakpoints
      • Hardware trace
      • On-chip data capture buffers
      • Advanced debug control
    • Freescale offers multicore-capable CPUs and DSPs to provide experience across multiple architectures. CodeWarrior tools are multicore-capable from the ground up for complete multicore support.


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    Licensing Options & System Req.

    CodeWarrior development tools provide the capabilities required by every engineer in the development cycle. Purchasing and accessing these tools is easy and affordable.

    Freescale offers a broad line of CodeWarrior development tool suites, allowing ready access to any or all of the CodeWarrior products contained within each suite. This means you can license the entire portfolio of CodeWarrior tools within the suite you purchase. Each suite also contains all functionality of the products in the suites below it.


    Purchase Only the Functionality You Require


    • CodeWarrior suites include:
      • CodeWarrior Professional Suite:
        • Full-featured development suites on:
        • 68K (Classic, Windows)
        • ColdFire (Classic, Linux)
        • ColdFire (Classic, Windows)
        • DSC56800/E (Classic, Windows)
        • HCS12(X) (Classic, Windows)
        • Microcontrollers (Classic, Windows)
        • Microcontrollers (Eclipse, Windows & Linux)
        • MPC5xx (Classic, Windows)
        • MobileGT (Classic, Linux Hosted)
        • MobileGT (Classic, Windows)
        • MPC55XX/MPC56XX (Classic, Windows)
        • Power Architecture (Classic, Windows)
        • Power Architecture (Eclipse, Windows)
        • Power Architecture (Eclipse, Linux)
        • StarCore (Classic, Windows)
        • Starcore (Eclipse, Windows)
        • Freescale eTPU Compiler/eTPU compiler
    • CodeWarrior Standard Suite:
      • Selectively featured development suites
        • ColdFire (Classic, Windows & Linux)
        • DSC56800/E (Classic, Windows)
        • HCS12(X) (Classic, Windows)
        • Microcontrollers (Classic, Windows)
        • Microcontrollers (Eclipse, Windows & Linux)
        • MPC5xx Debug Only Edition (Classic, Windows)
        • MPC55XX/MPC56XX (Classic, Windows)
        • Power Architecture (Eclipse, Windows)
        • Power Architecture, Linux Platfoem Edition, Debug Only
        • Power Architecture, Debug Only Edition (Classic, Windows)
        • StarCore (Classic, Windows)
        • Starcore (Eclipse, Windows)
        • Freescale eTPU Compiler/eTPU compiler
    • CodeWarrior Basic Suite:
      • Compiler upgrades to special editions, Linux applications editions and flash programmers
        • ColdFire, Compiler Upgrade Edition (Classic, Windows)
        • ColdFire Architectures, Linux Application Edition (Classic, Windows & Linux)
        • DSC56800/E, 64K Compiler Upgrade Edition (Classic, Windows)
        • HCS12(X), 64K Compiler Upgrade Edition (Classic, Windows)
        • Microcontrollers, Compiler Upgrade Edition (Classic, Windows)
        • Microcontrollers, Basic Edition (Eclipse, Windows & Linux)
        • MobileGT, Flash Loader Only (Classic IDE, Windows)
        • MobileGT, Linux Applications Edition (Classic IDE, Windows & Linux)
        • Power Architecture, Basic Edition (Eclipse, Windows and Linux hosted)
        • Power Architecture, Linux Application Edition (Classic, Windows and Linux hosted)
        • Power Architecture, Flash Loader Only (Classic, Windows hosted)
    • CodeWarrior Special Editions:
      • Feature-limited development tools
        • ColdFire Architectures, Special Edition (Classic IDE, Windows)
        • DSC56800/E, Special Edition (Classic IDE, Windows)
        • HCS12(X), Special Edition (Classic IDE, Windows)
        • Microcontrollers, Special Edition (Classic IDE, Windows)
        • Microcontrollers, Special Edition (Eclipse IDE, Windows & Linux)
        • MPC55xx/MPC56xx Microcontrollers, Special Edition (Classic IDE, Windows)

    Perpetual/Permanent Use or Annual Subscriptions CodeWarrior development tool suites may be purchased for perpetual use or by annual subscription. Twelve months of technical support and maintenance are included in the price with either option. Continuing technical support and maintenance or renewing annual subscriptions beyond the initial period ensures you always have access to the latest versions of the CodeWarrior products at no charge.


    Suported Operating Systems:

    CodeWarrior runs on many different operating systems including Windows® XP, Vista, Window 7, Linux and Ubuntu. The interface looks and operates the same on all environments. There are, of course, minor differences in screen appearance among host operating systems, but the functional capabilities are effectively the same. One of the greatest benefits of CodeWarrior’s multi-platform approach is that your project files are completely transferable from one host operating system to another.


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    CodeWarrior Run Control Devices

    The TAP series of development products enable Freescale target system debugging via a standard serial debug port (such as using the JTAG 1149.1 for Power Architecture™, BDM, ONCE, DPI, StarCore) while connected to a developer's Linux or Windows workstation via Ethernet or USB.


    Typically, These types products are commonly referred to in the market as wigglers, dongles, emulators, or probes. The TAP products are best described as development probes.


    All TAPs are designed to work in conjunction with Freescale processors and CodeWarrior development tools. A Freescale TAP is a critical debug tool in all phases of the project and is indispensible from the moment power is first applied to the board.


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    • Node-locked licenses are tied to a specific computer via a Windows C: hard-drive ID or Ethernet MAC address.

    (USB dongle*) denotes an add-on option with a node-locked license. In the USB dongle license implementation, the CodeWarrior license is node-locked to a dongle that is connected to the USB port. CodeWarrior will be enabled on any computer when the appropriate license.dat file is installed and the corresponding USB dongle is connected. Therefore, the USB dongle license can be shared among many computers by moving the dongle.


    • Floating licenses are installed on a server typically in a multi-user environment and may be checked-out by anyone with access to that server.


    • The Processor Expert Component Development Environment™ is the tool that allows you to create your own components to address the specific needs of an application, like the support of using a generic peripheral in a very specific way.


    • Basic Components (or standard components) refer to the basic blocks such as parallel ports, timers, A/D converters, and simple serial interfaces as well as simple functions using them.


    • The Software Components are collection of software modules developed to interface to popular external peripherals such as serial SPI sensors, LCD modules, Flash memory modules, A/D and D/A converters as well as implementing low level functions such as keyboard matrix, software SPI function, 7-segment display or simple FFT or FIR functions.


    • Advanced Components (or complex components) refer to the Processor Expert components supporting complex peripherals such as complex A/D conversions.


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    Technical Documents

    Learning Center
    Quick Start GuideFreescale: CodeWarrior Development Suite Quick Start Guide
    User GuideFreescale: Getting Started with Freescale Development Tools
    User GuideFreescale: CodeWarrior Development Studio IDE User’s Guide
    User GuideFreescale: CodeWarrior Development Tools Profiler User Guide
    Reference GuideFreescale: CodeWarrior Development Suites Overview
    TutorialsFreescale: Training on CodeWarrior Compiler Settings
    TutorialsFreescale: Training on CodeWarrior Debugging Basics
    TutorialsFreescale: Training on RTOS Support for CodeWarrior


    Design Elements
    Application LibraryFreescale: Software Bundled with QUICC Application Development System (QUADS)
    Application LibraryFreescale:Embedded Software Libraries 1.01b for MCF51 MCU Family
    Application LibraryFreescale: Embedded Software Library 1.0 for DSC56F8000 Family


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    Ordering Information

    CodeWarrior development tool suites may be purchased for Perpetual Use or by Annual Subscription. 12-month technical support and maintenance are included in the price with either option. You can also choose between a Node-locked or Floating license.

    Subscription Type

    CWP- = Perpetual (permanent) Use

    CWA- = Annual Subscription

    License Type

    -NL = Node-locked (license tied to a specific computer)

    -FL = Floating (license resides on a server)

    CodeWarrior Development SuitesPart NumberDescription
    CodeWarrior Basic SuitCWA-BASIC-NLCWA-BASIC-NLCodeWarrior, Basic, Annual Subscription, Node
    CWP-BASIC-NLCWP-BASIC-NLCodeWarrior, Basic, Perpetual, Node Locked
    CWP-BASIC-FLCWP-BASIC-FLCodeWarrior, Basic, Perpetual, Floating
    CodeWarrior Standard SuitCWA-STANDARD-NLCWA-STANDARD-NLCodeWarrior, Standard, Annual Subscription, Node Locked
    CWP-STANDARD-NLCWP-STANDARD-NLCodeWarrior, Standard, Perpetual, Node Locked
    CWP-STANDARD-FLCWP-STANDARD-FLCodeWarrior, Standard, Perpetual, Floating
    CodeWarrior Professional SuiteCWA-PRO-NLCWA-PRO-NLCodeWarrior, Pro, Annual Subscription, Node Locked
    CWA-PRO-FLCWA-PRO-FLCodeWarrior, Pro, Annual Subscription, Floating Node
    CWP-PRO-NLCWP-PRO-NLCodeWarrior, Pro, Perpetual, Node Locked
    CWP-PRO-FLCWP-PRO-FLCodeWarrior, Pro, Perpetual, Floating


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