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    Elevator Module for NXPTower System


    The TWR-ELEV Elevator modules are the basic building block of the NXP Tower System. Designed to connect microcontroller and peripheral modules, the Elevator modules provide the power regulation circuitry and structural integrity needed for all configurations of an assembled Tower System.

    The NXP Tower System is a modular development platform for 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers and microprocessors that enables advanced development through rapid prototyping. Featuring multiple development boards or modules, the Tower System provides designers with building blocks for entry-level to advanced microcontroller development.

    Interchangeable peripheral modules (including serial, memory and graphical LCD) make customization easy Open-source hardware and standardized specifications promote the development of additional modules for added functionality and customization.

    • Functional Elevator Board
    • Dummy Elevator Board

    Key Applications: Embedded networking, Motor control, Telecom, Aerospace, Functional safety, Robotics, Industrial computing and Automation.


    • OnePrimary and one Secondary Elevator board.
    • Each Elevator board includes:
      • Four 164-pin card-edge connectors carrying standardized serial and expansion bus signal
      • Two 2x80 connectors on backside for easy signal access and side-mounting board (e.g. TWR-LCD)
      • Power regulation circuitry
      • Standardized signal assignment
    • The Primary Elevator provides power regulation circuitry and power inputs from a standard USB mini-B connector or a screw terminal.

    Ships With

    • Functional Elevator Board
    • Dummy Elevator Board

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